Benefect Botanical Disinfectants & Cleaners for the Insurance Restoration Industry


All hospital disinfectants need to be registered by the Enviromental Protection Agency (EPA) to make health claims. They all must submit successful kill data against the following organisms within a standard contact time of 10 minutes. The equivalent to over 99.99% reduction is required for disinfectant registration. 

Specified organisms are identified by the EPA as representatives of their category or structure of organism to simplify the testing process & avoid having to test every organism within a category. The catagories and organisms are listed on the left hand side of the image and the equivelant level of disinfectant is listed to the left.


NOTE: Benefect is not required, nor recommended, to be rinsed or wiped off at all due to its botanical ingredients and neutral pH. "Just Spray & Walk Away"™.

Additional organisms are continually being tested, submitted & registered to broaden the kill spectrum of Benefect.

From Canada? View Canadian Efficacy data.