Benefect Botanical Disinfectants & Cleaners for the Insurance Restoration Industry

What is a Disinfectant?

The term "Disinfectant" is actually a legal, regulated term that cannot be used, or claimed on a product's label, until the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reviews all the supporting efficacy, chemistry & safety data & approves every word on the label. 

Benefect's disinfectants are classified as Hospital Disinfectants by the EPA because of the variety of bacteria that they kill. The EPA has selected 3 representative organisms that a product must have efficacy against, within 10 minutes, using a specifically approved laboratory method, to be successfully registered in this category.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency mandate is to protect human health & the environment. So, in addition to micro-organism kill data, EPA scientists reviewed the toxicity or safety profile of the product, the directions for use, storage, disposal and handling, plus a complete review of any environmental impact. 

The EPA then requires any precautionary statements or warnings to be added to the label to ensure that safe & effective use of the product can be achieved when label directions are followed. The product is then "registered" with an EPA number and can now legally be called a "disinfectant" or claim to "kill bacteria". So, the Benefect label a legal reference point for all health claims and directions for use. 

Only products with EPA Registration Numbers can make public health claims such as "disinfection" or "kills germs" ("biocide", "microbiocide", "fungicide", "mildewcide", "bacteriostat" and their derivatives are NOT regulated health claims).

If a product doesn't have an EPA number then the government has not reviewed or approved the label claims it should only be relied on for cleaning, not killing germs.