Benefect Testimonials


"Drenching rains last week led to local flooding which caused severe water damage to a popular ski resort Northeast Ohio. Much of the complex was filled with contaminants and will require extensive renovation. The Dane Group was called in to perform analytics and develop a comprehensive plan for surgical restorative drying. Compromised building materials will be removed and aggressive drying measures, including the application of Benefect botanical disinfectant, will be employed to ensure the return of a safe environment. The Dane Group has been providing disaster recovery services throughout Northeast Ohio for over 25 years. " Robert Scott, Vice President, Dane Group - NE Ohio

"We just received our first clearance on a job solely using Benefect.  We had almost a 0 spore count.  The hygienist said it was one of the best clearance air samples she had ever seen.  She is going to use the picture and results from our job in her training class.  The only thing I am upset about is not knowing about this product years ago.  Thanks and I will never use another product.  " Brian Christensen, Owner, Restoration 1 - Central Florida

"I've been using Benefect for three years because Benefect® doesn't leave a toxic residue and it saves me labour and it reduces our liability because it doesn't require a rinse or wipe after the application when applied correctly." Jesse Roher, Project Manager of BMS Cat.

"When we started using Benefect it decreased the amount of chemicals we used. Also, it cleans amazingly well - some fire damaged, antique furniture looked brand new. It has no toxins or fumes and does its job!" Owner, K&S Done Right, - Birmingham, AL

"We had a client who's husband has cancer and she requested us using Benefect from the options we provided her. She was very pleased with Benefect as it didn't leave streaks on the counters and no odor compared to others she had used. She was very pleased and which makes us look good. So thank you for making us shine." Tammy Strong, DRS - Disaster Restoration Services

"As a leading provider of restoration services, our company recognizes the benefits of natural, green, cleaning and disinfecting products that can match or exceed the performance of chemical based products. We have found that Benefect® products perform efficiently and effectively as promised and we are extremely pleased to be able to deliver non-toxic alternatives to our customers and employees. It is worth noting that Sensible Life Products / Benefect also became part of our winning team when we used their Atomic Degreaser for Fire & Soot on the massive school cleaning job for which we received RIA's 2011 Phoenix Award for Innovation in Restoration. If you are looking for a botanically based, biodegradable products that are safe to use around children, pets & the chemically sensitive…this is it!" Chris Maluchnik, ASD, CDS, Director of Emergency Services & Logistics, Mellon Certified Restoration

"We used Atomic today and my staff love it...and it really works. I know that most adjusters will be interested and would love to have you speak to my staff. Great stuff!" Mike Hickman, Owner, Hickman Mount Reconstruction, Inc. – London

"Just thought I would drop you a note to tell you how fantastic the Benefect worked for us in the recent sewer backup claims in Lethbridge. Some customers were very suspect and called the local Health Board. Then the Board asked the college to test the product and they could not believe how effective the product was, and more importantly how safe it is. We are now making it a mandatory product in all our offices. Thanks again." Ken Tucker, President, CSAR Management Ltd. - Disaster Kleenup Canada - Calgary

"I too would like to express our happiness with the Benefect® product, it is fantastic. We have found out it is great for organic odour control, especially urine. And for those that think it's too expensive compared to other biocides, drop me a line, I'll give you some info as to why it's cost effective. People love the stuff. It's definitely mandatory in our office. Thank you." Cam McLeod, General Manager, Angel Restoration - Disaster Kleenup Canada - North Vancouver

"This is a job that we did where there was a fire on a porch that got pretty hot. Got some before and after pictures of the brick wall that had a lot of dark smoky soot. We cleaned it only by spraying Atomic from the top down and let it rinse it self down. No scrubbing or brushes were used. Pretty cool huh!! We love this stuff. We also are batting a thousand with the disinfectant in clearance test for mold jobs." Ty MacMichael, Paul Davis Restoration – Volusia County

"Benefect is the most effective way we have found to treat bacteria-borne odour in prostheses." Charles Osbourne, V.P. Sales & Marketing, Cascade Orthopedic Supply; Worldwide distributors of orthotics & prosthetics

"... we love your product and I think your exceptional efforts are uplifting to any business owner!" Paul D. Suddes, Owner, Paul Davis Systems - Halton/Hamilton-Wentworth

"You have created something that helps people avoid quats [quaternary ammonia], and that is a major accomplishment." Bruce M. Small, President, Envirodesic, Building Inspections for Hypersensitivity and Allergy

"The extermination rate consistently displayed by Benefect to a broad range of microorganisms, and Benefect composition of all-natural ingredients, suggest that it would be very useful under a wide variety of circumstances. Hospitals, daycare centres, doctors' offices, schools and public places where water or food may be consumed are all institutions where Benefect could be used. It is important to realize that Benefect is far superior to synthetic disinfectants because of its ability to kill a broad range of microorganisms, but with such low toxicty. Any residue of synthetic disinfectants can be poisonous to children and adults if contacted through the skin or ingested." Gary Palmateer, President, GAP EnviroMicrobial Services Inc. (expert witness in Walkerton e.coli inquiry)

"We use Benefect Disinfectant spray, instead of bleach, to disinfect the shared recorders for our music program and the referees' whistles for our sporting events. We know that since the product is so safe, it is suitable for the students to put the disinfected instruments and whistles in their mouths without any worries to their health." Jan Gregg, Principal, Upper Grand District School Boards

"When I was working for The Bay Home Services we used Benefect® in the furnace ducts using a fogger (Mister). Now that I have my own Home Service Company and Janitorial Company, I use Benefect in a Ninja steam cleaning machine. Customers could not believe the pleasure of the smell and the fact that it killed all the germs. Thank you for such a wonderful product." Gerard Hebrard, President and C.E.O, A. Leader Janitorial and Home Services

"I have been breeding dogs for over 20 years and have tried numerous products to control germs in the kennels and in the house. Benefect is the only product I have tried that not only kills germs, but has exceptional odour neutralizing properties leaving a mild and pleasant smell wherever it is used. And, being all natural, I know my dogs are safe and I can use Benefect in their eating areas, whelping pens …vari-kennels without any worry to their health." Anne Dixon-Zboroswky, Owner Sineade Kennel, Pedigree Breeder of the Year 2001

"We have been using the Benefect Natural Disinfectant for our duct cleaning and carpet cleaning applications for years now and have always been impressed with its results. Being in the Indoor Air Quality industry, we know that ducts and carpets are breeding grounds for biological growth, however we do not agree with putting harsh chemicals in the home to remove the source. We also do not want our technicians to be breathing harsh chemicals day in and day out, so the reason for Benefect to be a part of our business is two-fold. Thank-you Sensible Life Products for creating a healthy choice." Lindsay Graydon, President, Home Heroes Inc.